Workplace conflicts and disputes

Mediation in workplace conflicts (which in the UK is called “workplace mediation”) aims to, at the earliest possible stage after a conflict has arisen in a workplace, deal with it with the help of a third party, i.e. a mediator. If you manage such a conflict at an early stage, you will increase the chances of avoiding, among other things, sick leave, burnout and production losses, as well as, by extension, dismissals and subsequent employment disputes.

According to calculations in Great Britain, the cost of conflicts in British organizations annually amounts to about 33,000,000,000 (33 billion) pounds (July 2023: about SEK 460,000,000,000). It would most certainly cost only a fraction of all this money to deal with conflicts in a constructive way instead.

Conflicts in a workplace are very much a work environment issue, which the employer not only has an obligation to manage, but should also reasonably have business financial incentives to deal with as early and as optimally as possible.For general information about mediation and the mediator, click here.

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