Gert’s participation in Makalösa Podden

On June 8, 2021, Gert talked about mediation in “Makalösa Podden”, a podcast by the “Riksförbundet Sveriges Makalösa Föräldrar” (a Swedish national association for single parents), which “raises issues that are important for single parents during the corona crisis and otherwise”.

“Medlingskollegiet” (The Mediation College)

In March 2021, Gert formed “Medlingskollegiet”, which is a network for lawyers and associates at Swedish law firms. The purpose is to disseminate information and exchange of experience regarding mediation among members of the Swedish Bar Association and their associates. Currently (July 2023), “Medlingskollegiet” consists of 165 members.

“Svenska Medlare” (Swedish Mediators)

In April 2020, Gert formed the network “Svenska Medlare”, which currently (June 2021) consists of 12 lawyers, who are trained and experienced mediators for commercial disputes. The purpose is partly to spread information about mediation to companies, company lawyers, lawyers, judges and other stakeholders, partly to offer mediation in commercial contexts, in both national and […]

Article on The Global Pound Conference Blog

Today the following article, written by Gert Nilsson Eldrimner, has been published on The Global Pound Conference Blog:

New office

Today Advokatfirman Eldrimner AB moves the office to Slottsbacken 8 in the Old Town in Stockholm.

Eldrimner Mediation

Today, Advokatfirman Eldrimner AB has registered a special business name, “Eldrimner Mediation”, for the part of the business that refers to mediation.

Presentation at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Today, Gert Nilsson Eldrimner and Chief Legal Counsel Richard Brolin, OpenLink International Ltd, gave a presentation on mediation at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (“Open Chamber”) under the heading “Businessman or Gambler? Do you choose Mediation or Dispute?”

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